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Frequently Asked Questions

What is KRIKYA Affiliates all about?

KRIKYA Affiliates is an affiliate program that allows you to earn money by referring customers to Our affiliate management platform provides all the tools necessary for a successful partnership.

When someone you refer clicks on your link and creates an account, we’ll recognize them as your affiliate customer. You can earn up to 45% of the net profit generated by KRIKYA from that customer for their lifetime. The more players you bring in, the more you can earn.

How can I begin?

To get started, simply sign up for KRIKYA Affiliate program HERE. It’s completely free and offers significant benefits with minimal effort on your part. We provide all the promotional materials you require to begin.

We will need the following documentation for your registration: Your legal name as it appears on your identity card, a contact number, email address, physical address, and a copy of your identity card.

Do I need to pay any fees to join?

Participating in Krikya Affiliates comes at absolutely no cost – it’s a completely free program. We want to emphasize that there are no fees whatsoever associated with joining our affiliate program. You can rest assured that there are no hidden charges or costs involved.

How are earnings distributed to Affiliates?

Affiliate commissions are distributed on a monthly basis through either bank transfer or USDT. To receive a payment from KRIKYA, your account must have a minimum balance of $50. If your account balance falls below $50 in any given month, the balance will be carried over and paid in full once it reaches the minimum threshold.

KRIKYA strives to process the commissions earned by affiliates in the previous calendar month during the first week of the following month.

Please note that any requests or modifications regarding payments may require coordination with the KRIKYA Affiliate Manager.

KRIKYA Affiliates Program Terms and Conditions

Please make sure to read and fully understand these terms and conditions. By signing up and proceeding with your application to join the KRIKYA affiliate program, you are indicating that you accept and agree to abide by these terms and conditions as stated below.

Commission and Payout Changes

To become a KRIKYA Affiliate member, you must agree to these terms and conditions by signing up HERE. Please understand that your application is a crucial part of this AGREEMENT. KRIKYA will review your application and, in our sole judgment, decide whether to accept it. Our decision is final, and there won’t be any opportunity for further appeal.

Can I modify or update my payment preferences?

Any requests or changes related to payment methods or preferences may need to be discussed and coordinated with the Krikya Affiliate Manager.

Commission Calculation and Payout

KRIKYA will provide Affiliates with a commission based on the net profit we earn from players directed to through your affiliate link. This net profit is calculated by deducting all bonuses and processing fees.

Net Profit includes all the money we receive from players’ losses in settled bets after subtracting:

Bonuses: This refers to any monetary bonuses, rebates, or rewards given to your affiliate’s customers.

Processing Fees: A 10% fee on the gross profits related to processing fees, including deposit and withdrawal charges for all of your affiliate’s customers.

If your earnings are in the negative, the deficit will be carried over to the following month. You’ll need to generate profits to cover any chargeback before you can start earning again. To be eligible for commission payment in a given calendar month, your KRIKYA affiliate account must have a minimum of 3 Active Wagering Customers.


KRIKYA reserves the right to change or replace any of the terms and conditions in this AGREEMENT at any time. We will update the changes with a new AGREEMENT on the KRIKYA website. These changes might involve adjustments to the available Affiliate Commissions or rules of the Affiliate Program.

If you find any of the modifications unacceptable, the only option you have is to end this AGREEMENT.


KRIKYA has the right to terminate this AGREEMENT immediately, without any options for you, if we detect any form of spamming or if you advertise our services in any improper way. You are not allowed to make any claims, representations, or warranties on our behalf, and you don’t have the authority to bind us to any commitments.

Upon termination, you must remove all our banners and icons from your website(s) and deactivate all links from your website(s) to ours. All the rights and permissions granted to you in this AGREEMENT will be instantly canceled. You are also required to return any confidential information and all copies of it that you have in your possession, custody, or control, and you must stop using our trademarks and logos.